Virtual team event wanted?

Online exit room as a team experience!

Perfect as company event, digital team event in the home office, birthday party or bachelor:ette party - play whenever you want with with several groups - and you will always share an exciting experience with each other! Everyone can also plays at home, but in small groups you solve tricky, multi-media puzzles in the style of popular Escape Rooms or Live Exit games. Promotes interaction, communication & motivation! Fun and moments of success are guaranteed! Solve these exciting missions with your team!

Play with several groups

This offer is designed for events with at least 2 groups of several people each. It can be added as an option to any access code.

NEW Team event with live moderator

  • Individual help on game selection
  • 20€ per person incl. moderation, game access codes & live dashboard (from 10 participants, smaller groups on request)
  • Moderating, accompanying and assisting the teams (during the entire event), award ceremony, wrap-up
  • Flexible scheduling & event duration (desired date requestable)
  • Communication platform of your choice (MS Teams, Zoom,, ...)
  • Event duration depending on game selection approx. 1.5-2.5h

Interactive remote team experience

  • Location-independent fun puzzles, completely browser-based & digital
  • Unlimited & flexible number of participants (technically no limitations, 4-6 players per group recommended)

Easy organisation & flexible booking

  • Ready to play immediately or any date or time without reservation
  • Only browser with internet connection & communication tool is required
  • German or English games for multinational teams
  • Live moderator on request NEW

Live dashboard as team challenge

Team board with this features
  • Live evaluation of the game progress and clues taken per team
  • Ranking with winner's podium
  • Team name and team photo upload
Dashboard optionally bookable

Preview of our dashboard

It's that simple

Define the number of teams

To ensure that every player is involved and that you get all benefits of a "team event", we recommend forming teams of 4 - 6 people. Technically there is no limit.

Choose a game

Select your favorite game based on the time available & desired difficulty.

Purchase access codes

Purchase one access code per team with team event option. After the purchase, the access codes are displayed directly and sent via e-mail together with the link to the dashboard.

Before the game starts

Only the organiser
  • Create the individual team board incl. company logo for all groups via the link sent by e-mail
  • Divide players into teams & provide each team with an access code. Each player can enter the access code on their device. No screen sharing necessary.
  • Set up a (video) call for the communication: Each team can use its preferred communication tool (e.g. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet oder zoom). You can also work with breakout rooms to start in the large group and return afterwards. Also popular is the use of

Game start

Enter access codes on your device, read the game instructions, upload team name and photo for live evaluation and you are ready to go

Book digital team event

Immerse yourself in exciting stories and solve puzzle missions as a team.

Any questions? Have a look at our FAQ or send us an e-mail..

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