Teambuilding 2.0

Experience the future of team events with our Online Escape Rooms

Perfect as company event, digital team event in the home office, birthday party or bachelor:ette party - play whenever you want with with several groups - and you will always share an exciting experience with each other! Everyone can also plays at home, but in small groups you solve tricky, multi-media puzzles in the style of popular Escape Rooms or Live Exit games. Promotes interaction, communication & motivation! Fun and moments of success are guaranteed! Solve these exciting missions with your team!


Interactive remote team experience

  • Location-independent fun puzzles, completely browser-based & digital
  • Unlimited & flexible number of participants (technically no limitations, 4-6 players per group recommended)

Easy organisation & flexible booking

  • Ready to play immediately or any date or time without reservation
  • Only browser with internet connection & communication tool is required
  • German or English games for multinational teams
  • Live moderator on request

Live dashboard as team challenge

Team board with this features
  • Live evaluation of the game progress and clues taken per team
  • Ranking with winner's podium
  • Team name and team photo upload
Dashboard optionally bookable

Our dashboard

Let several teams compete against each other

Optionally, we offer a live dashboard that can be added for 5€ per group/access code. This offer is made for events with at least 2 groups. In the dashboard you can see in real time which group is in which level, how many hints they have used and how long they took in total.

2 options

Team event with live moderator

We offer a unique team building experience by combining the excitement and challenges of Escape Rooms with the interactivity and guidance of our experienced live facilitators.

Our moderated online Escape Rooms are the perfect way to improve teamwork and communication within your team as you solve exciting puzzles and uncover secrets. We offer a variety of themes and difficulty levels to challenge and entertain any type of team.

Our live moderators are experienced game masters who will make sure you have an unforgettable experience. They will assist you in solving the puzzles and make sure you stay on the right track.

Live Moderator
  • From 14.90€ per person (incl. VAT) incl. moderation, game access codes & live dashboard
  • From 10 participants, smaller groups on request
  • Event possible in German or English
  • Individual help on game selection, event possible in German or English
  • Moderating, accompanying and assisting the teams (during the entire event), award ceremony and wrap-up
  • Flexible scheduling, request desired date
  • Communication via MS Teams
  • Event duration depending on game selection approx. 1.5-2.5h

Organize team event by yourself

Organize an unforgettable team event with an online Escape Room! You can easily organize it from home. Choose an Escape Room experience, set up a shared video conference link and invite your team. Work together to solve puzzles and overcome tricky challenges. A perfect way to build team dynamics and have a break from the daily grind.

It's that simple...

Define the number of teams

To ensure that every player is involved and that you get all benefits of a "team event", we recommend forming teams of 4 - 6 people. Technically there is no limit.

Choose a game

Select your favorite game based on the time available & desired difficulty.

Purchase access codes

Purchase one access code per team with comepetion option. After the purchase, the access codes are displayed directly and sent via e-mail together with the link to the dashboard.

Before the game starts

Only the organiser
  • Create the individual team board incl. company logo for all groups via the link sent by e-mail
  • Divide players into teams & provide each team with an access code. Each player can enter the access code on their device. No screen sharing necessary.
    Example: You are 20 people and want to play in 4 small groups, then you need 4 access codes each with the competition option. All players of a small group log in with the same access code.
  • Set up a (video) call for the communication: Each team can use its preferred communication tool (e.g. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet oder zoom). You can also work with breakout rooms to start in the large group and return afterwards. Also popular is the use of kumospace.

Game start

Enter access codes on your device, read the game instructions, upload team name and photo for live evaluation and you are ready to go

Book digital team event

Immerse yourself in exciting stories and solve puzzle missions as a team.

Any questions? Have a look at our FAQ or send us an e-mail..

Gamification for your company


1. Erstgespräch

Dauer: 30 Minuten

Gemeinsam ĂĽberlegen wir, welches Thema und welche Art von Business Escape Game ihr realisieren wollt. Im Anschluss erstellen wir ein Angebot.

2. Kick-Off

Dauer: 60 Minuten

Im Kick-Off Call werden die Kernhalte, sowie Dauer, Schwierigkeit, der Realisierungsplan und der offizielle Launch festgelegt.

3. Storyboard

Dauer: 60 Minuten

Wir liefern ein ausgearbeitetes Storyboard und gehen in den Austausch, bevor die Realisierung der Rätsel und Inhalte startet.

4. Realisierung

Dauer: 4–8 Wochen

Wir erstellen Foto- & Videomaterial und die technische Umsetzung. In regelmäßigen Abstimmungen besprechen wir den aktuellen Stand.

5. Prelaunch

Dauer: 2 Wochen

Das Business Escape Game durchläuft mehrere Testphasen mit verschiedenen Zielgruppen und geht ins Finetuning der Rätsel & Grafiken.

6. Go-Live

Dauer: 60 Minuten

Euer eigenes Business Escape Game geht online! Egal, ob als Teamevent oder öffentlich für den Endkunden. Das Ziel ist erreicht!

7. FollowUp & Upgrade

Dauer: 4–6 Monate

Nach einer festgelegten Laufzeit von 4–6 Monaten gehen wir erneut in den Austausch und schauen, ob noch etwas angepasst werden muss oder das Spiel zusätzlich vermarktet werden soll.


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