Online Escape Room "Mysterious Crime"

  • 14.99€ for one group with any number of players
  • difficulty 4/5
  • approx. 2.5 hours game time, depending on experience and group size
  • professional narration and voice over
  • Game progress synchronized across all devices
  • browser-based, immediately playable, no PDFs or additional game material needed
  • Game available in German, visit


4.6 / 5
201 Reviews



Ø 2 hour(s) 20 minute(s)
14.99€ per group

Duration 01h 59m

We really enjoyed the game, even if it took us a while. I mean we even had to "travel" ;) We really enjoyed that the riddles are so close to reality! We are looking forward to another game :D

Ambrine, Caro and Nadja, 2021-03-16
Duration 02h 12m

Absolutely fantastic game. We've done a few online escapes and this was a) the most affordable and b) most detailed and challenging. Thoroughly enjoyed

Chris Mc, 2021-02-15
Duration 02h 12m

This has to be the cheapest game we've played and by far its the most challenging! which is brilliant. we have some smart folk in our group so we welcomed the challenge of being stumped! really enjoyed ourselves and hope to do another one soon! thank you so much for this as life can get a little boring so this is a welcomed escape! great jobs thanks

Matt, 2021-02-15


There is a mysterious break-in at your parents' house. Everything is ransacked, and it looks like someone was looking for something specific, but nothing apprears to have been stolen. Or was it? What starts as a "harmless" burglary gradually turns out to be something much bigger. The discovery of a hidden family secret lies shrouded in mystery - a mystery so deep, in fact, that you'll hop on a plane to take a journey into the past on another continent. Solve a series of exciting puzzles, but always be on your guard - you're not the only one in pursuit... Hopefully the clues won't literally get lost in the sand...
Will you dare to search for clues that uncover this secret, waiting to be solved after all this time?